Monday, May 25, 2009

Your First Concordion.NET Project (Part 1)

What is Concordion.Net?

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So, you’ve stumbled across Concordion or Concordion.Net on the internet, maybe liked the style of specification writing Concordion promotes and now you want to do something with it! So where to begin … ?

  • Read about Behaviour Driven Development on Dan North’s classic blog post.  This post describes the basic ideas behind behaviour-driven development and is very informative.
  • Read about Concordion technique on the main Concordion web page.  No matter what testing framework you choose it is important to get the basics down before attempting to use it.
  • Read through the Concordion.Net wiki.  It is still growing but there is some useful information there on how to setup Concordion.Net, what the version compatibility is with the Java version, etc.

The next part in this series will detail how to setup Visual Studio to prepare for your Concordion.Net project.

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